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      [International Projects]foreign affair event,international conference,international exhibition,international exchange activity.

      [Event Planning] business activity,political activity,itinerary activity,game events, promotion activity,media propagation.

      [Conference Planning] topics planning,expert conference,high-level summit,academic conference,press conference,industry conference.

      [Conference and Exhibition Service] conference and exhibition integration activity.

      [Ceremonial Event] anniversary activity,awards ceremony,groundbreaking ceremony,Contract-signing ceremony,launch ceremony,opening ceremony

      WHAT WE DO

      Our main business

      Works of Jiuzhou

      We are lucky to work with outstanding customers.

        Design, brands and development projects from countries around the world

      All for you

      Strategic layout

      Our customers

      • Bank of Beijing

        Bank of Beijing

      • Agricultural Bank of China

        Agricultural Bank of China

      • The People's Bank of China

        The People's Bank of China

      • Baoshang Bank

        Baoshang Bank

      • Hengfeng Bank

        Hengfeng Bank

      • Tsinghua University

        Tsinghua University

      • Peking University

        Peking University

      • Xinhua News Agency

        Xinhua News Agency

      • The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

        The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

      • China Merchants Group

        China Merchants Group

      • China Railway Group

        China Railway Group

      • Expo Shanghai China

        Expo Shanghai China

      • BMW


      • Toyota


      • Chipscreen


      • Abon


      • Media


      • Panasonic


      • Haier


      • Dior


      • Mercedes Benz

        Mercedes Benz

      Contact us
      • Free hotline: 0086-010-59236205
      • Hotline for international department: 0086-010-59236205
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